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Not sure

29 Sep

James is really down, and I feel disconnected…why do I have to struggle so much sometimes to not make things about me when he is down? I understand what’s going on, so much I’ve already sort of lived through it…I should be helpful, but I’m just feeling so broken.

A plan for Monday

26 Sep

Morning, up early, treadmill inclined, rapid 20 minutes and lunch hour circuit visit. Evening climbing optional. Just start doing it. Tired of spinning wheels.

Weekend routine

26 Sep

Stayed up late, slept in, ate consciously, shopped frugal, drove sane….then ice cream, laser show, and I’m the mayor! And there is still a whole Sunday left in this weekend.


25 Sep

You just don’t really know until you make yourself try.

Let’s say we did

22 Sep

I wonder if I can tout that I decided to start my day with blueberry pancakes, if I didn’t get around to making them until 10:40.

When comments are so funny, they hurt

22 Sep

You have to be having some sex before your comments about dodging the kids bullet are anything but just pathetic. How to explain…


21 Sep

Sometimes I loathe the expense of these damned nuvaring, and sometimes on the last day or two of the old ring I just want to die of cramps and bloat, but I guess I should be thankful I’m not dealing with hot flashes yet. Here’s hoping menopause is cheaper and less painful, though.

Two notes…

19 Sep

1. Piles of pillows on the couch, a mound of covers on the bed…loved but so often at a distance. I must work harder. 2. Suggesting a relaxing day of video games is to suggest an impossible thing.

Not Sure

19 Sep

Kit cooks, my every muscle is crampy today, the two are unrelated…meanwhile Airplane and Men in Tights.

Hard to face

16 Sep

I have a real procrastination problem, where I try to carry on without giving outstanding items much thought, but I’m left feeling anxious, nervous and unsatisfied by any plans we make.