Archive | October, 2010

So THAT’s what happened!

31 Oct

Amtrak take 2 had no delays, so we’re home in time to nap, watch Rally from DVR, decorate for Halloween, and be sorely dissapointed at the amount of “kids with bags” we get instead of “kids in costumes”. Oh well.


30 Oct

He’s Doctor Rockso! He does cocaine! He comes to Rallys! He walks to Union Station! He has dinner next to us with his wife and little baby! That was an awesome costume =)

Snakes on a Train?

29 Oct

It’s a long way to Washington DC, however you slice it — but neither snakes, nor abandonded cars, nor non-functional rail signals can keep us away! And bonus: we get to eat breakfast in the dining car!

Today, other people can drive

28 Oct

In the moment when I’m trying to make myself happy over this crazy trip endeavor, a friend shines through with a sweet gesture that is both unexpected and wonderful. Fortune cookie-ish?

39 for the first time

27 Oct

Love, joy, happiness, plans came together… so why did I get so bent out of shape at no card or token from a particular person? How can a person be so childish at 39? Maybe next year I’ll grow up.

Deal of the Day

26 Oct

Park Tavern, sunset downtown, city lights, quiet restaurant, crazy dinner choice, amazing experience, finding the perfect spicy combination, much love for JamesT — the happiness is self evident.


23 Oct

Fall festival fireworks, year two — I’m a reluctant fan of shows to music, but I’m an easy fan of these great paper lantern launches. So beautiful, a big group drifting into the sunset — there’s joy there. So much joy in fireworks, actually.

Family tradition

22 Oct

Birthday shopping, even just in Jasper, is still a nice habit to get into. I love my orange toenails! Wish sis would likewise indulge, though.

On the road… again?

21 Oct

Still love my little SX4, but road trips are not getting any more fun when their the same stretch of road over and over. Love the destination, hate the trip.


16 Oct

Being there for others, sharing their joy, can offer great joy… but I still have a hard time making new friends in some groups. Happy Birthday, Ben!