Archive | November, 2010

Shoot me

26 Nov

Tired mom makes me crazy, but maybe its because I need a nap, too.

Fake it til you make it

25 Nov

The first wave has hit the fans, and I wouldn’t want to know anybody’s bp right now, but its turkey day so we will dance and goof and cook with smiles.

19 Nov

In order to love it when a plan comes together, you first need a plan.


18 Nov

Noticed chest was really flushed, checked bp. Unpleasant.


11 Nov

Seriously, no tengo dinero. I’m already trying to avoid gift shopping, now I have to dodge potentially awesome holiday trips.

I’ve joined the Pros

10 Nov

We finally indulged in Rock Band 3, and I went to Hard on Pro Keyboard from the get go. Sure, we’re playing “no fail mode” righ tnow, but I probably shouldn’t be so disappointed at my scores the first time through these songs. Playing keyboard from those flashy lights is turning my brain inside-out! It’s fun!

Wall of Death!

8 Nov

You know, I never thought I’d actually be saying so soon that I do feel like I’m getting better at this. Tonight, I conquered “Wall of Death!” Sure, only a 5.8, but what a name!

Go Go Gadget Clean House?

7 Nov

Somehow, my notion of “cleaning house” has just become putting clothes I haven’t worn in a long time into bags and giving them to Goodwill. The fact that this actually makes such a difference in our house should be scary to me.


6 Nov

Let’s put this day in the books as the day I almost imploded our finances, just because I was sick of being sick in the house.

Mush Mind

5 Nov

After a week working with a laptop from bed, I “feel better” enough to go climbing. I should be considered a danger to myself and others. Have I mentioned I HATE BEING SICK!