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These times…

27 Oct

With no covid symptoms, we wait on a new test in order to get quality rehab care, as my morning news story talks about Healthcare workers organizing to strike for better pay and conditions.


21 Oct

Surgery success, but positive for covid at 86 is still scary even if vaccinated.

Fuxking acorns

20 Oct

In parking lot of ER because covid rules apply to dementia caregivers too, unless they put her in a room.


20 Oct

2021: The year mom’s dementia said, “Hold my beer.”

Life in the middle gets you behind

28 Feb

Three years since any blog entry at, but recent headlines and facebook posts from friends had rekindled an urge to write.

It’s not WHAT you’re eating, it’s WHEN and HOW

30 Nov

All foods are okay… as long as you eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re comfortable, put your fork down between bites, eat slowly and taste your food.

Plan for Smarter Holiday Dinners

23 Nov

Eat your 3-4 favorite things on the first plate. Make your second plate a bit of everything you want to try. Eat slowly, taste your food. Remember to SAVE room for dessert, rather than MAKE room. Stop when you’re comfortable. Walk after your meal. Make a leftover plate of your favorites for your NEXT meal.


Life is too short…

29 Sep

they say, but they mean that quite literally. Live for today. Love everyday.

19 Aug

Today I sat in the medical center parking garage and cried because the thing I knew, they said.


16 Feb

*heart* Jazzercise!