Archive | August, 2010

Full day

31 Aug

Cupboards are bare, but the long weekend away makes me hesitate to shop…feeling better, dinner out, then Get Low.

Off kilter

30 Aug

This sinus crap sucks– head and body ache, drippy faucet nose, and a miserable sore throat. This sick cannot be denied.

Day of rest

29 Aug

Tomorrow we go back to normal…wake up in our own bed, eat food that has calories which count, and work the same old grindstone. Bristol with sis was a trip.


28 Aug

Sinus battle, patience battle, humor sees us through…love, food, family, hootin-n-hollering, ice-cream nosh, and I still haven’t taken up smoking.

This is just peaceful

27 Aug

Why do I ever let myself forget how much joy I feel from spending time with my sister? One day and I feel a total recharge of my soul and energy.

In the midst of sadness, there is social anger

26 Aug

James is at his great-uncle Grady’s funeral, and I am supposed to be cleaning house and finishing work so I can escape for a long weekend with sis, yet after last night’s conversation, I find myself reading and becoming increasingly angry with the ad-centric sterilization happening across Facebook.



25 Aug

No matter how you dress them up, diet brownies are diet brownies — and it’s best not to get your hopes up. If you’re going to indulge — go get some real chocolate and get it over with. The muss is not worth the fuss.

Working toward a realization

24 Aug

Not sure why I’m so bothered by one friend’s occasional comments, as I’m sure they’re out of concern: first was regarding my messages about feeling sick, second about my obvious work stress. Doesn’t seem to to indicate I’m on the happiness path, especially to feel so defensive.

Perhaps it is lasagna I crave

23 Aug

Two lessons learned recently: first, to stop trying to offer explanations to irrational people who are better treated by just not responding so they can let off their steam. Second, that I am without doubt a stress eater — not in a quick binge sort of way, but more of an overall ridiculous craving something I can’t figure out until it makes me try everything in sight looking for satisfaction sort of way.

Only wish James were feeling better

22 Aug

Homemade blueberry pancakes, plus the notion of James’ family passing through while our house is already pretty much in order, makes for a peaceful morning rather than the usual panic cleaning frenzy stress!