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19 Aug

Today I sat in the medical center parking garage and cried because the thing I knew, they said.


16 Feb

*heart* Jazzercise!


14 Feb

If I had a place to go tonight, I would be there. Togetherness ala apathy and financial complications. Neat.

Never say die

11 Feb

Found old journal from 5 years past, and I could have written it yesterday. When do you give up on a battle?


7 Feb

Watching the sun come up as you are driving to a morning Bootcamp class is little consolation for the imminent butt-kicking.


26 Jan

Not merengue, not meringue, but moringa oleifera in capsule form is now on its way here and to mom.


26 Jan

Tonight massive bicep/tricep pain, both arms. Poor use of feet on the “warm-up” 5.8 route.

22 Jan

How is it fair JamesT chugs the late night redbull, but I’m the one who can’t sleep?


19 Jan

2x a week gym workout with Kit. The goal is to get through couch to 5k for me. Tues and Thurs with her, but still need to add Saturday to make it workout.

Shoot me

26 Nov

Tired mom makes me crazy, but maybe its because I need a nap, too.